Management Team



In 2006, Micha founded the Hi-G-Tek, Inc. headquarters in Rockville, MD to serve as a center for global business development, sales, and marketing in the US. He currently holds 14 patents in multiple countries.

In 1989 Micha founded Hi-G-Tek Ltd. in Israel as a leading company in the development and production of advanced microelectronic products and wireless monitoring technology in the fields of biomedicine, asset protection and management, the military, and secured cargo in transportation.
From 1987 to 1989, Micha was Vice President of Engineering at Techno-Vered Microelectronics in Ein Vered, working with applications and hybrid development. Before joining Ein Vered, he worked with Tadiran's Communications Division in Petah Tikva, where he was both a hybrid development and customer relations manager.

In 1982 Micha held the chief electronics engineering post at Omikron Scientific Ltd., working with pacemakers. He also led the design project of multi-programmable pacemakers, both semi and fully custom LSI, and telemetry systems related to pacemakers. Micha was responsible for R&D and a feasibility study of new electronic products in the biomedical fields.

His prior posts include serving as a team-supervisor for the Israel Electro-Optics Industries in Rehovot and as a design-engineer in electronic analog circuitry for the Israel Aircraft Industry.

After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces’ communication unit, Micha graduated from Delft Technical University in The Netherlands in 1976 with a BS and a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering in 1978.