Cargo Tracking and Monitoring Solution (CTMS)


Markets: Pharmaceutical,  Transport , Customs and Trade Lanes , Ports , Bulk Foods , Electronics , Air freight forwarding , Truck Stops

Market Challenges

Approximately 20 million containers of high value cargo from various industries are transported on a global basis annually. Hi-G-Tek’s CTMS is utilized by clients across a wide range of vertical markets and use cases. Overall market challenges include theft prevention, ensuring product quality, risk and liability mitigation, and responding to audit requests.

Hi-G-Tek Solution

One of Hi-G-Tek’s signature offerings, CTMS is an industry leading wireless solution that provides real time (if required) tracking and securing of cargo containers. Using state of the art electronic seals (e-seals) and security devices, Hi-G-Tek’s CTMS enables customers to monitor the opening and closing of the container doors, as well as to monitor various conditions of the cargo inside the container. These conditions include temperature, security, humidity, light, tilt, shock, vibration, and others.

The solution allows users to maintain an electronic record of the complete chain-of-custody for the cargo. This chain-of-custody can be maintained over time to establish a complete audit trail that facilitates compliance with audit requests. All actions are permanently stored in the internal memory of the individual e-seal and also in Hi-G-Tek’s advanced software platform (ESP). Each action is time stamped and geo-stamped with lat-long coordinates. The ESP manages the data derived from the e-seals by applying the customer’s business rules to filter the information, generating alarms where appropriate, and creating management reporting based on the customer’s specific requirements.

The CTMS allows the user to establish approved routes for the trucks, if needed, and continuously monitor the location of the vehicle to ensure that it is within the bounds of this geo-fence. The solution can also establish approved access points within a given geo-fence. Any deviation from this pre-established set of parameters will generate alarms in the customer’s operations center.

Hi-G-Tek can also create intelligent locations, such as smart truck stops, by deploying solutions composed of private reader networks that are integrated with cargo trucks using the company’s electronic sensing and locking capabilities.

Customer Benefits

Hi-G-Tek’s CTMS solution addresses the business challenges faced by a number of vertical markets, including pharmaceutical transport, bulk foods, customs and trade lanes, ports, electronics, and air freight forwarding. Specific benefits include:

• Loss prevention
• Risk and liability mitigation
• Condition monitoring
• Product assurance
• Audit compliance
• Electronic reporting, including chain of custody
• Improved operational efficiency
• Tax revenue assurance