Hi-G-Tek Custom Solutions

Hi-G-Tek’s flexible technology platform enables the company to tailor its solutions to specific challenges in a variety of vertical markets, as well as for unique applications. Ultimately, the common denominator across its clients’ applications is the need for tracking and/or securing cargo and assets; obtaining timely and actionable information about the condition and/or location of those assets; and improving the efficiency of internal operations. The company’s technology can be adapted to many different environments and use cases.

Hi-G-Tek’s operational expertise stems from its experience in large scale solutions deployments and its history of working closely with clients to solve specific logistics, supply chain, and security problems. Hi-G-Tek understands that its clients are seeking solutions to operational and management challenges. Consequently, Hi-G-Tek empowers its clients to improve their operating capabilities by providing them with critical data related to their core business issues.

Hi-G-Tek’s turn-key solutions are composed of electronic sensing and locking devices and an enterprise software platform (ESP). The ESP receives, analyzes, and stores all the information collected by the sensing devices, applies the client’s business rules to the data, generates real time alerts where appropriate, and stores data history. Through its ESP, Hi-G-Tek is able to adapt its technology to serve a variety of markets and applications.

Sensing and security are key components of the technology. The sensing devices are capable of monitoring, recording, and transmitting critical conditions back to the client via Hi-G-Tek’s ESP. Sensing data can include: security, motion, tilt, temperature, humidity, purity, clarity, light, acoustics, weight, flow, shock, vibration, among others.

Hi-G-Tek’s locking devices provide a unique combination of physical protection with sensing and monitoring capabilities. Wirelessly connected to a network, they facilitate real time alerts to our clients in cases of tampering, creating actionable data for improved security and management.

Customer Benefits

• Asset tracking and monitoring
• Condition monitoring and reporting
• Visibility of operations
• Assured product delivery
• Theft reduction
• Improved operational efficiency
• Electronic reporting, including chain of custody documentation
• Improved supply chain efficiency