Market Challenges

Hi-G-Tek delivers turn-key wireless solutions that track and secure high value cargo and assets, whether in transit or stationary. The company’s comprehensive solutions integrate reusable edge devices (electronic sensing, locking, and tracking devices) with wireless communications connectivity that enables real-time data collection where necessary, and the application software that generates actionable information for users. Hi-G-Tek addresses a variety of business challenges for its clients, particularly loss prevention, risk and liability mitigation (including product contamination, hazardous material security, and patient safety), and tax assurance for customs officials. Clients gain visibility to the edge of the supply chain where knowledge of asset location and condition is a competitive advantage for their businesses.

Hi-G-Tek Solutions

Hi-G-Tek’s signature offerings are the Tanker Truck Monitoring Solution (TTMS) and Cargo Tracking and Monitoring Solution (CTMS),  but the company’s expertise and solutions extend to many other vertical markets that require tracking and securing of high value assets, such as pharmaceutical transport, HAZMAT, and bulk foods transport. Hi-G-Tek’s flexible platform enables the company to easily tailor solutions for these custom applications. The company delivers value to its clients by replicating its expertise, operational experience, and knowledge of best practices across these different markets.

Hi-G-Tek’s ESP, which is installed at client sites, controls and manages the entire solution. The ESP receives, analyzes, and stores all the information collected by the sensors, filtering events by applying the client’s business rules to incoming data. Hi-G-Tek’s software platform is highly flexible: easily adaptable to a client’s operational processes; easily integrated with existing ERPs; and easily expanded as the client’s application grows.

ESP software collage image

Customer Benefits

Hi-G-Tek’s solutions are operationally efficient and flexible enough to expand as its customers’ applications grow. The company offers a number of unique advantages in its solutions:

Operational reliability: By separating its sensing devices from the communications connectivity and embedding those devices with long lasting battery power, Hi-G-Tek can transmit constant real time data to client control centers without impacting the life of the sensors themselves. Hi-G-Tek batteries last 3-5 years without charging.

System redundancy: Hi-G-Tek stores the data it collects in its sensing devices. In a real time application, if there is a gap in coverage or failure in the communications network, the impact to the client is minimal because the data will be available once the cargo reaches its destination. The company also provides a level of independence from in-country communications networks by including private fixed reader networks as an option in its solutions.

Enhanced security: Hi-G-Tek’s electronic sensing devices include physical locking capabilities for cargo containers, tarp trucks, and for hatches and valves on tanker trucks.

Ease of maintenance: Because Hi-G-Tek’s sensing devices provide two-way communications, the company can configure and reset them remotely; technicians do not have to be dispatched to the field.