Market Challenges

Theft, contamination, and security are major challenges for the fuel distribution, liquid cargo, and HAZMAT industries. In the US alone, cargo theft cost the fuel distribution industry $8 billion in 2008, while in developing countries it is a significant revenue issue that impacts overall economic development. Cross-contamination of fuels impacts product quality and is a liability issue for transporters and owners of retail gas stations. For the HAZMAT industry, regulatory compliance is the critical challenge given government mandates that affect the transportation and storage of the cargo.

Hi-G-Tek Solution

One of Hi-G-Tek’s signature offerings, TTMS is an industry leading wireless solution that provides real time (if required) tracking and securing of tanker trucks and the fuel cargo under transport. Using state of the art electronic seals (e-seals) and security devices, Hi-G-Tek’s TTMS enables customers to monitor the opening and closing of valves, hatches and other control points on the truck. These actions are permanently stored in the internal memory of the individual e-seal and also in Hi-G-Tek’s advanced software platform (ESP). Each action is time stamped and geo-stamped with lat-long coordinates. The ESP manages the data derived from the e-seals by applying the customer’s business rules to filter the information, generating alarms where appropriate, and creating management reporting based on the customer’s specific requirements.

The TTMS allows the user to establish approved routes for the tanker trucks and continuously monitor the location of the vehicle to ensure that it is within the bounds of this geo-fence. The solution can also establish approved valve/hatch access points within a given geo-fence. Any deviation from this pre-established set of parameters will generate alarms in the customer’s operations center.

The solution allows users to maintain a complete chain-of-custody record for the location of the tanker truck and all event activity related to the valves and hatches being monitored by Hi-G-Tek. This chain-of-custody can be maintained over time to establish a complete audit trail that documents the historical operation of a given tanker truck. The system can be designed so that the Hi-G-Tek seals are armed and disarmed using handheld readers that are registered to specific individuals, further enhancing the audit trail. Hi-G-Tek has worldwide deployments of its tanker truck monitoring solution.

Customer Benefits

Hi-G-Tek’s TTMS solution addresses the business challenges faced by the fuel distribution, liquid cargo, and HAZMAT industries. Specific benefits include:

  • Assured product quality and delivery
  • Cargo theft reduction
  • Prevention of cross-contamination of fuels/liquids
  • Monitoring of specific cargo conditions
  • Ensured predetermined routes
  • Improved operational efficiency